Production Process for Strapping

Production Process of Strapping not only controls whether straps are with beautiful appearance , but also affect the strap with the stretch rate, strength , if is prone to brittle or not etc. Sostrapping production process is strictly controlled , the relationship between the use of strapping and strapping tool.

The first is strapping with the extruder temperature control , the temperature is generally about 250 ℃ ~ 280 ℃ , not too high, or too low .

Followed by cooling , strip out the nose after the high temperature , to immediately enter the water cooling because of the iso tactic polypropylene in the case of quenching brew easy to generate crystal structure , crystalline molecular structure brew loose . Easy stretch orientation , access to high-quality products .

Then stretching strapping with the purpose to improve the longitudinal strength , reduced elongation, tensile This process must be carried out in boiling water , generally using a stretch.

Finally, embossing, stretched strap through two rollers with a pattern , he was pressed on the pattern, its role is to increase the friction in use , does not slip , elegant in appearance , but also to meet some of the with special requirements on the strapping needs of manufacturers .

Container air bag

Container Air bag are made from high strength kraft paper, PP bags and PE film, tough and strong. Inflatable mouth is tailor-made one-way non-return valve inflated or deflated fast, airtight and firm, can be under tons of pressure. Air bags by the packing inspection center of China, the bag body static strength, sealing performance and physical properties (inner and outer bag tensile strength) are up to national standards. Which can effectively prevent air bags in trucks, container, or the movement of goods in railway transportation. It fully filling the space between the goods, to support the weight of the goods due to shake, absorb vibration, to protect the goods from damage in transportation, better than any other support filling protection, than with the traditional filling method such as foam plastic more environmentally friendly. Packing and simple and easy to use, can greatly save time, reduce the cost of transportation, has been adopted by more and more.
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Strapping Tool features stable strength

There are many factors that can actually decided to the development of strapping tool, especially in the face of the changeable market environment, with the rapid development of society, a lot of different kinds of enterprises have mushroomed in general emerge in endlessly into the market, although is enlarged market, add variety for consumers to choose, but also intensify the competition between businesses, let the living conditions of the strapping tool become more bad, because of increased production factory for all kinds of strapping tool there is a certain gap, this also causes the equipment toward diversified development trend. For different devices, on the premise of with high technology content to provide users with the best quality, most comprehensive help, so as to expand the application field better, improve equipment. Steel strapping tool is in the development, along with the demand with more advanced technology, combined with the comprehensive transformation can be well adapted to the demand of modern society. manual strapping machine supplier star did just that, in the development of in order to let banding machine to get rid of the limit, creating a bigger development space, the stars send continuously introduce advanced technology, bold innovation, also is to make the domestic strapping machine equipment on the comprehensive strength increased, after years of accumulation of star sent banding machine more limit in terms of development. After technical strengthen strapping tool, can deal with each user’s requirement, also can help the user to fend off rivals, in order to get more development opportunities. Grown strapping machine after years of development, the star sent on development has formed a huge team, and steel strapping tool but also has high performance,manual strapping tool can get impressive results in a short period of time, is inseparable with the scientific research personnel’s many years of hard work, it is because of their persistence and persistence, to new technology to make steel strapping machine power a big step forward, strong ability to make hand strapping machine won the attention of people from all walks of life.

PET-high performance engineering plastic

PET (polyethylene terephthalate two ester) is a linear thermoplastic polyester, is the most extensive application of Engineering plastics. PET plastic transparent,high gloss, good weather resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance,creep resistance and dimensional stability; it has chemical stability, resistance toacid and organic solvents, but not alkali resistant, resistant to hot water immersion; it has higher heat resistance, can be in a wide range of temperature,maintain excellent physical and mechanical properties, is of high value in resin.PET can be used in a variety of plastic molding processing into products. PETsheet, extruded tube, packaged with 80-100 degrees in temperature conditions,are bidirectional or unidirectional tension, enhance its mechanical properties.For example, PET packing belt tension, the tensile strength can be increased from 40-50Mpa to 400-450Mpa. Therefore, PET plastic used mainly orientedproducts, such as polyester film, PET bottles and cans, PET and PET packing belt fiber etc.. Because PET is a thermoplastic plastics, the waste PET plasticrecycling can be properly handled, and then crushed into pieces or meltgranulation, re made PET products.

Research and development of packaging machinery in the United States

United States is the most developed countries for packaging industry in the world, attaches great importance to the research and development of advanced packaging machinery. The packaging machinery equipment for strapping tool has paved a good foundation.

We have learned, at present in the United States is a great variety of packaging machinery, equipment is advanced, but in order to adapt to the international market competition, they are constantly researching and developing more advanced packaging machinery and equipment. At present more advanced packaging machinery mainly have blow molding machine, injection machine, carton processing and plastic molding machine; All kinds of massive, granular, powder, liquid, commodity packaging machine; Forming, filling, measuring, sealing machine and tray loading and unloading machine; Used for box, barrel container stretch wrapping machine; Seeding machine with kinds of control quality; The performance of packaging testing machine; Cleaning and disinfection machine and the production of large automatic production line of corrugated paperboard. Most American packaging machinery with computer control, make the packaging machinery to the direction of high speed, high efficiency, high quality. For goods packaging materials required for temperature, humidity, intensity, voltage and the number of packing a program into a computer, automatic control. It can not only improve the efficiency of the use of packaging machinery, improve the accuracy and precision of packaging machinery, but also can greatly reduce the labor intensity of operators, such as the heavy cartons stacking labor, women with manipulator operation can be completed.

Ecommerce promote packaging machinery to expand channels

In recent years, along with the packaging machinery of the continuous efforts of the enterprise, packaging machinery industry has entered a new stage of development, however, with the emergence of new stage, the corresponding problem will also gradually revealed. For now, is the development of packaging machinery need breakthrough channel is too single and too traditional development model of two problems. The two problems will be applied in electronic commerce’s increasingly serious.
Widely used in food packaging machinery, hardware, cosmetics industry, with the change of the consumer consciousness, the consumption of these goods are also growing, the production and sales of packaging machinery followed up. Packaging machinery mainly include packaging machine, filling machine, packing machine and so on several types, 10 have their respective models under each type, there are many different kinds of packaging machinery and can adapt to a variety of job requirements, and this is packing the first condition of mechanical energy to develop rapidly.
According to the survey, the current domestic engaged in packaging machinery production research and development of enterprises more than 7000, but most companies are some small and medium-sized enterprise competitive power is not strong, such enterprises are generally the development of the traditional road, it is difficult to win bigger development, without the use of electronic commerce, not only increase the operating costs of enterprises, the profit space compression, and is not conducive to product circulation between customers and enterprises, limiting the development of enterprise. Thus, in the modern electrical business environment, packaging machinery to win big market, have good development space would have to go with the flow, with the development of electrical business era, positive cater to electricity, grappling with electricity.
As is known to all, every industry in different stage of development has a corresponding problem, and the main problem is the development of packaging machinery industry channels and patterns. Traditional offline by mining customers to the development of the industry has been affected by the pattern of development speed, but with the advent of the era of e-commerce, many traditional enterprise in efforts to adapt to the electricity, application of electricity. Packaging machinery of electricity is coming.
The emergence of electronic commerce integrates the traditional and dual advantages for the development of channels, now not only help packing machinery enterprise to reduce the production cost, expand sales channels, to open up a broader market smoothly development space, can make between companies and customers to realize without regional restrictions, time limit of trade, development and prosperity of the industry.
Today, electronic commerce channels as new channels of packaging machinery development, the thought that the industry is moving toward information, network era progress, this is the development theme of the future society is an inevitable trend, cater to the theme of social development, will have a bright future.

Which work does strapping material do

Strapping, as a packaging material, novel, strapping with great popularization valuecan be a very good every industry needs. strapping to PP as main raw materials, are also sometimes used instead of using the pe. Below small make up for you tointroduce it in every industry has a kind of application.

Strapping common specifications have width: 25 ~ 50mm thickness is 0.04 ± 0.01mm.The product can be used instead of paper, jute, coir strapping and other traditionalpackaging packing material, can be used for woven net, hand basket, bag and all kinds of Strapping, can also be used for frame strip used in plastic greenhouse.

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Airport adopt strapping machines for packaging

Recently a friend arrived Shenzhen Baoan Airport. As with many things, for the sake of safety, we went to the airport to pack. Look, few people pack, remember, a packet queue. Several packages, up not a few minutes, only to see the airport service staff in turn several afternoon carton, carton packing. Because of the distance from the check-in time for some time, curiously we casually and airport staff chatted. According to them, this is the automatic packing machine they recently just purchased, as if Shenzhen is high production machine. Used for a while before, just not to adapt, I feel not comfortable. However, now finally know before the machine is really better than semi automatic strapping machine with many, playing up to not so tired. Before using the semi automatic strapping machine, each package must bend over, day work down, feel waist are not their own. Now the automatic packing machine, as long as the stepped by the foot, hand set the carton position. Less than 1 minutes, a carton packing.
Friends are all in the exclamation, this is science and technology, the technology can change life, promote social development. Have to say, packing machine plays a more and more important role in production, not only for enterprises to save costs, to a certain extent, promoted the development of the national economy!

Highly automatic intelligent banding machinery will be favored by the industry

A high degree of automation, intelligent banding tool will be favored by the industry
Nowadays, the continuous development of science and technology progress, social production and life of packaging technology and packaging equipment are put forward new requirements, banding tool machinery and equipment plays more and in the circulation field
More important role. The current packaging equipment is becoming more and more competitive, and a high degree of automation, intelligent, multi function, high efficiency, low consumption of packaging equipment is more and more favored by the industry.
In twenty-first Century, with the continuous development of productive forces, increasing the packing parameter requirements, the traditional packing machine adopts mechanical control form, has become increasingly unable to meet the new
Development needs. Facing the market change rapidly, the efficiency of banding machine and equipment has become the focus of the enterprises concerned, new intelligent, automatic packing machine function will gradually replace.
System become the mainstream of the future.
From the mainstream, many elaborate design popular bag and box packing has the advantage, because economic simplified packaged form and structure as well as the related process and equipment reasonable, can
Greatly reduce production sales in the process of consumption and waste, and eliminate the occurrence of many destabilizing factors, and then improve the whole benefit, eventually represent the direction of modern packaging.
With the people’s daily work rhythm speeding up, the nutritional health food products rich, enhancement of environmental protection consciousness; the future of food, drug and its package will also put forward many new requirements.
Now attract sb.’s attention is given the refrigerator, microwave oven, the rapid popularization, together with other relevant conditions gradually mature, not a long time, possibly through the development of frozen food as an instant food, snack
Food would be a lot of families and enterprises and institutions.
In addition to suit one’s measures to local conditions, vigorously develop the steel strapping machine, manual strapping tool and pneumatic banding machine and other new technologies, new products, combine with battery strapping and jointly promote the food
Packing and strive for further improvement.
With the drive and control technology, servo technology and digital concept of intervention, banding toolry market has experienced several rounds of reform. Supporting industries as many fields of the national economy, play
Charter industry to benefit from the prosperity of other industries, technological progress and the services it can also react on other industries.
In recent years, China’s banding tool industry maintained an annual growth of around 16%, China has become the world’s largest commodity production and export country, at the same time, the world’s attention is focused on the development of
The fastest, largest, most potential Chinese packaging market. banding tool machinery towards high-end transition has gradually shown its strong momentum of development, automation, intelligent level of equipment

How Steel Strapping Machine Works

Steel strapping machine is used to wrapping products or packages, and then press the tightening strip tightening keys, redundant, the strip close to theproducts or packages, and then steel sides connected machine through the thermal effect of melting or use steel buckle material. Steel strapping machine is including manual strapping operated machine and Pneumatic operated strapping tool.Manual strip packing machine based on the operator’s hands as the driving forceto tighten the bundling, it uses the material is steel, according to whether or not to use iron into manual steel strapping machine with buckles and manual sealless strapping tool.