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Nuoda Strapping Solution


Product securing during transportation

Nuoda offers industry specific solutions to secure and protect your goods during handling, storage and transport:

<!--[if !supportLists]-->§ strapping tools or strapping machines, stretch wrapping machines, consumables and after sales service from one source tailored to achieve low cost of ownership

<!--[if !supportLists]-->§ the right solution for all applications: from strapping hand tools for lower throughput up to automatic strapping and machines for integration in automatic packaging lines

<!--[if !supportLists]-->§ industry and application experts help you to choose the right solution



Solutions for the Food & Beverage industry

Food & Beverage 

Solutions for the Food & Beverage industry: breweries, soft drinks, mineral water, juices, wineries, dairy/milk products, meat, poultry/chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, food or beverage distribution centers and others


Applications for Cans & Bottles industry

Bottles & Cans

Applications to ensure transport security for producers in the Cans & Bottles industry: beverage cans, food cans, PET bottles / PET containers, glass bottles.


Solutions for the “Construction materials” industry


Solutions for the “Construction materials” industry: roof tiles (concrete and clay), paving stones, concrete blocks, lime stones, bricks, tiles and others


Solutions for the Paper industry


Solutions for the Paper industry: palletized format paper (ream), paper rolls, boxed copy paper, special paper products and others


Solutions for the Timber / Panel Board industry

Timber / Panel Board

Solutions for the Timber / Panel Board industry: Panel Board (MDF, OSB, Particle board, etc.), flooring, converted lumber (planed) and others


Solutions for Metal Service Centers

Metal Service Center

Solutions for Metal Service Centers: tubes, bars/profiles, coils, slit coils, sheets and others


Solutions for general production and logistics

Production / Logistics

Solutions for general production and logistics, examples: appliances, furniture, logistics and distribution centres, pharma, electronics, clothing etc.