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ORT-200 Battery Strapping Tool - Only 1 Push Of A Button!


ORT-200 Easy adjustable mode strapping toolOrt-200 is an easy tool for strapping, with operation mode adjustable depend on different applications. The mode are including

1.Fully Automatic





ort-200 semi-automaticort-200 multiple strappingORT-200 is applicable for any size of application, with no limit of vertical or horizontal strapping, compositing the tensioner, welding, strap cutting in one push switch. It's also applicable for multiple strapping. With soft mode, it will be safe for strapping with pp strap on fragile packages.


ORT-200 Bosch Battery & Latest Brush motorORT-200 Equiped with Latest brushless motor engineering and Bosch battery technology which is the latest and environmental-friendly  :

  • Efficient Working operation
  • Battery charge with no effect of memory
  • No limit on recharging time
  • Large number of strappings


ORT-200 OperationORT-200 is the most economic tool for pet strapping.

• Applicable for Universal Application and Heavy Applications

• Energy-efficientstrapping system

• More cycles per batterycharge

• Cost efficient

• Service-friendlyconstruction

• High Quality


Technical Data

Weight (incl. battery), kg:3.9
– Length: 334 mm
– Width:138 mm
– Height:148mm
Tensioning force:N 900–2500N
– Soft Mode: 400–1500N 
Tensioning speed: 220mm/s
Battery charger:battery
Charger voltage: 100V, 110V, 230V
Battery charging time:15–30min. After 20 minutes, approx 70% charge capacity
No of cycles per battery:up to 400,Depending on strap quality, tension and package
Battery: Li-Ion (Bosch) 14,4 V, 2.6 Ah 18 V, 2.6 Ah
Plastic strap:Polypropylene (PP) Polyester (PET) 
Width: 12–13/15–16
– Option:9–11mm
– Suspension bow
– Protection plate

– Protection cover