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Packaging machinery industry into automated robotic era

Industrial packaging robots use bulky and cumbersome object handling, loading and unloading and stacking etc. Packaging Industrial robots are also used to clean the body can not touch the product packaging, such as food, medicines, biological products, and in particular microbial agents and harmful chemicals. With robotic technology matures and the realization of industrialization, making packaging engineering applications in the field increasingly wide range of robots. 
Currently, strapping tools and packaging configurations to automate the process of growing species brought great challenges. Major challenge is to build according to the needs of the packaging process suitable equipment. 
Modern manufacturers need is demand packaging, shorter production cycles, category mix and personalized packaging configurations. To simplify this process, a central region of the United States, New Jersey, innovative packaging company - XPAK stopped the traditional packaging equipment manufacturing work, instead developing more cost-effective automation solutions. XPAK experts and experience with innovation, together with ABB Robotics has developed innovative packaging solutions - ROBOX?. 
It is reported that, XPAKROBOX? Simple operation and small footprint, is an innovative packaging solutions. Long-term production lines for the production of a single product and uses a relatively standard way for product packaging are long gone. 
With ROBOX bring breakthroughs, XPAK automatic case erectors using a fixed tool replaces the traditional case erectors handles, wheels and wheel, ABB robots can be assembled in the tool box and sealed. ROBOX may need to change the speed and 25/bpm packaging specifications, without switching. 
"As a tool for automation and non-switching concept, XPAK solution deserved only one on the market is significant for us solutions," Caterpillar IPC automation and conversion, parts and logistics project manager AdamFarmer representation. "Three-shift operations can use this device, so that the hourly production increased 400 percent." 
ROBOX short production cycle, which covers an area than conventional carton packaging system reduces by about 30%; This makes ROBOX ideal for use with the existing packaging line integration; Further, the robot can easily specify a solution again tasks, so robotic packaging solutions become XPAK valuable new family member, with the company's broader strategy of packaging - adaptive production line is very consistent. 
This is for the packaging industry has an important significance. With economic development, packaging has become an indispensable part of people's lives, while the people in this market also put forward higher requirements. In the technology driven, more diverse range of products, the adaptive ability of the packaging machinery packaging machinery industry has become a scarce resource.